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                         CAST OF CHARACTERS

          Captain.................A leader and a politician.  Believes that
                                   any action is better than no action.

          Executive Officer.......Cautious but intelligent -- a survivor.

          Navigator...............Adventurer; brash glory-hound.

          Communications..........Tech Intellectual; a romantic.

          Mining Engineer.........High-strung; came along to make his

          Engine Tech.............A worker.  Unimaginative.

     The crew is unisex and all parts are interchangeable for men or women.

These characters are so lifelike. I feel like I know a Cleave Hunter.


  • @isomorphisms: Best not be too happy with your salary. That makes it hard to bargain for more.
  • If the past is any guide to the future, then at some point the past will stop being a good guide to the future. #Malthus #singularity
  • Maybe internet-based economic growth won't come through new products, but from reading different perspectives and NOT embarking on dumb ventures.
  • "As early as 1331 Edward Ⅲ issued letters patent, allowing foreign skilled labour to enter the realm & bypass the usual guild restrictions" --HT
  • My first investments were index funds. I wanted to make the most neutral decision possible. But there is no neutral investment. #frames
  • Villains seeking immortality. Heroes who embrace death. #annoying_tropes #bioscience
  • Ex astra ad aspera.
  • One thing is that nobody rewards the people who keep their mouth shut when they don't know.
  • It's insane how much difference a few kind words can make, or a few unkind words.
  • NSFW. Think about what that means. It means people get paid to browse the internet, while the unemployed stay home, browsing the Internet.
  • Why can't new web companies get users? Perhaps it's because we all know they won't be around in 2 years.
  • How many grammatical English sentences could be said with 10,000 words?
  • Or how would you count for 500 words the number of possible sentences (or bisentences)?
  • @yEvb0: A more sophisticated monkey-typewriter?
  • @isomorphisms: Do people who hate banking/finance/virtual production really want us to do more extraction (copper,gold,coal)?
  • Bronies.
  • ()hedonia
  • @RKHilbertSpace: "over half of young women said they would prefer to be hit by a truck than be fat" -the economist
  • @isomorphisms: Do I retweet myself? Very well, then, I retweet myself.