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  • In a foreign country the easiest people to talk to are the young and the old. They speak slowly. And they don't mind that, due to my language disability, I don't know anything about anything.
  • Children especially seem proud to explain something to a big person. And they never tire of my small vocabulary.
  • Child: You wanna come see my puppy?
  • Me: (let's see here ... conjugate the "na" ... subjugate the "py" ... wait, no, you're supposed to abjurate the "na" then proclamate the "see" ...)
  • Me: Ummm....
  • Me: What is f u p p y?
  • Child: Ha ha! PUPPY!
  • Me: Oh. What is p u p p y?
  • Child: It's an animal that you keep in your house, it's really fun, and it runs around a lot, and it chases you, and you can play with it.
  • Me: I no understand.
  • Child: Puppy. It's a cutie little baby dog!
  • Me: O! Dog. I know dog. Thank you. Much thank you.

"By 1881, annual tea production in India had reached roughly 50 million pounds."
—Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry Part XXIV: The Cutty Sark under Captain William Bruce