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  • solid — the category FinSet, a sack of wheat, a bag of marbles; atoms; axiom of choice; individuation. The urelemente or wheat-kernels are interchangeable although they’re technically distinct. Yet I can pick out just one and it has a mass.
  • liquid — continuity; probability mass; Lewis’ gunky line; Geoff Hellman; the pre-modern, “continuous” idea of water; Urs Schreiber; Yoshihiro Maruyama; John L Bell
  • gas — Lebesgue measure theory; sizing Wiener processes image or other things in other “smooth” categories; here I mean again the pre-atomic vision of gas: in some sense it has constant mass, but it might be so de-pressurised that there’s not much in some sub-chamber, and the mass might even be so dispersed not only can you not pick out atoms and expect them to have a size (so each point of probability density has “zero” chance of happening), but you might need a “significant pocket” of gas before you get the volume—and unlike liquid, the gas’ volume might confuse you without some “pressure”-like concept “squeezing” the stuff to constrain the notion of volume.

  • rats’ brains, and presumably ours, tessellate the plane surface we walk on with multiple overlapping triangular grids
  • (is there a mathematical reason triangles are optimal? euler characteristic, perhaps?)
  • path" neurons in the hippocampus fire as we cross these grids to reconstruct our previous paths
  • boundary" neurons in the hippocampus fire as we approach the boundaries of a space
  • (what about agoramaniacs? or ancient people who hunted buffalo on the plain?)

I would like to have the following supernatural abilities:

  • Ability to sense electromagnetic impulses and discern their energy level
  • Awareness of physical disturbances, perhaps via compression waves in the physical surrounding
  • Sense the speed of molecules moving nearby, at any point on body
  • Electrical-pulse coordination of bodily kinetics
  • Embedded supercomputer, for when I need to figure things out
  • Self-repair of wounds
  • Poison detection system
  • Apparatus to identify nature of particulate matter floating in nearby environment

Oh wait.  I can already do all those things. 

  • ability to grow hair

Hmm.  Got that too.