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POSIXct is the signed number of seconds since “the epoch”. For example it was

  • 1351298112 UTC (GMT)

when I wrote this. (1351298112 UTC = Sat Oct 27, 2:35 am GMT = Fri Oct 26, 8:35 pm EST = Fri Oct 26, 5:35 pm PST = 2:35 pm HST)

POSIXlt is one of many text | character | string formats such as:

  • May 17, 2017
  • 17/5/2017
  • 17-5-17 05:24:39


  • rats’ brains, and presumably ours, tessellate the plane surface we walk on with multiple overlapping triangular grids
  • (is there a mathematical reason triangles are optimal? euler characteristic, perhaps?)
  • path" neurons in the hippocampus fire as we cross these grids to reconstruct our previous paths
  • boundary" neurons in the hippocampus fire as we approach the boundaries of a space
  • (what about agoramaniacs? or ancient people who hunted buffalo on the plain?)