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In contrast to copper and tin, iron is very widely spread as the great archaeologist Gordon Childe put it “cheap iron democratized agriculture and industry and warfare too”. So the jump to Iron Age technology may have impeded the development of states in Africa by making it more difficult for elite to concentrate and monopolize power.

Africa never experienced the nascent period of political centralization that Europe did during the Bronze Age, perhaps also with a path dependent legacy.

Geotagged photos (e.g. flickr) and text (e.g. twitter) associate data to a particular point on the globe × time. In other words, a fibre bundle over S²×T.

Imagine the position future historians will be in — if they can synthesise the petabytes of digital data we generate these days. I would love to have crowd-sourced pictures or live-tweeting bystanders’ microblogs of the Yan tie lun 鹽鐵論 (81 B.C.) — Rashomon effect be damned.