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This is how much people love to talk about and speculate on $AAPL.

The CBOE puts out a volatility index specifically on Apple stock. (Google has one too.)


  • Roshi: What are we surrounded by--on all four sides?
  • Steve: Walls.
  • Roshi: What do the walls make?
  • Steve: The Zendo.
  • Roshi: Do they? What is inside the Zendo?
  • Steve: You, me, the Keisaku stick.
  • Roshi: But what is the _essence_ of the zendo? Could it be right here?
  • Steve: There isn't anything there.
  • Roshi: Aha! Now we are getting somewhere. Let's look at our big mistakes. What makes the lines of the characters on the page?
  • Steve: The space around them?
  • Roshi: Good! And the zendo?
  • Steve: The space in it.
  • Roshi: Yes! It is both the forms that surround us and the spaces with no form at all -- and how they interact together. It is what is in space and what is not. It is how we experience the relationship.