Astronomy, cosmology, older & newer scientific theories

  • Lord Kelvin thought the sun was powered by gravity — squeezing itself and generating heat in the process, which was expelled
  • In Darwin’s time the geological evidence made things look older than the cosmological evidence. (Knowledge of nuclear physics was necessary to explain how the sun could last long enough to be as old as rocks on Earth apparently were.)
  • Newton’s incorrect, though seemingly logical, reasoning as to why the universe must be infinite and static.
  • Einstein’s GR+ cosmological constant —> Wilhelm de Sitter —> LeMetre, mathematician & clergyman, and Freeman
  • Theoretical models of solar evolution inform our inference of brightness vis-a-vis distance of stars. Are these models flawed?
  • As much evolution as took place between bacteria and us, will take place before the Sun fries the Earth, in 4b years.

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