1. People diving into a swimming pool.
  2. A sufficiently clever insect bobbing up and down in the corner. Could it sit in the corner of the pool, and by the nature of the irregularities and bumping of the waves
  3. And that’s what we’re doing when we’re looking at something.

Other gems from this video:

  • Rewind just a little bit to hear some Tuvan throat singing.
  • At about minute 5, Feynman recalls when he was accepted into an honor society in secondary school. They spent all their time deciding who else was worthy of the decoration.
  • And he felt the same way about the Nobel prize. Feynman didn’t like receiving the Nobel prize. He wished the Nobel Committee would have called him before awarding him the prize, so he could have denied it.
  • (After the fact, he realised he would have gotten more attention from turning the prize down than from just accepting it.) Feynman felt chained down by the Honour. Like he couldn’t be creative and light and free anymore because his words had greater weight. Steve Jobs said something similar about his first job after he was fired from Apple: he felt light, unpinioned, free, energetic again.

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