I’m looking for a quote I saw years ago. It went something like this:

Here are two different stories of Creation.


The first is that G-d sculpted each and every animal, flower, fungus, gymnosperm, archaeobacterium, and primate individually, like the most colossal micromanager ever known to the Cosmos. 


The second story is that G-d was smart enough to write a “computer” program which, from a few simple rules, would evolve not only the stars, galaxies, and planets, but also all of the life-forms mentioned above (as well as whatever’s yet to come).


Which Creator would you find more impressive?

I’m pretty sure the writer was an Israeli game theorist. Can anybody help me source this please?

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  3. sellyourkingdom answered: Reminds me of Neal Stephenson’s idea that G-d is a “hacker-demiurge”.
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    The quote’s so cool. @-)
  6. followingmichaelaround answered: I don’t knowi but the concept is interesting! When you discover it, please share again.
  7. faintedtowers answered: Wikipedia sez the most notable israeli game theorists are Yisrael Aumann and Ariel Rubinstein. But this sounds more like a Hofstadter book.
  8. georgiatehc said: God’s God
  9. alilasley answered: I’m sorry, I don’t recognize the quote but the second option sounds like the plot of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
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