• The shape of the continents depends on the global temperature. (Cold locks ice in polar caps.) Google “Morse theory”.
  • The price of housing always rises, until it doesn’t.
  • You develop a system of habits to discipline yourself; maxims for self-motivation; then the working world changes on you. Loyalty is no longer rewarded. Hard work is less valued than the ability to make PlentyOfFish.com.
  • For years the normal trading range of [insert spread, instrument, or security] is X, until one day sufficiently many (external) parameters shift. The market changes and you see a 20-sigma event. Heroes only.

  • Whoever coded your profile website (chi.mp, flavors.me, tumblr), wrote a route that takes a string as parameter. Entering the name isomorphismes into this function fetches this webdata. Entering your name fetches your webdata. All part of one and the same formula.
  • The Lotka-Volterra equations of a large ecosystem, dancing as the sliders shift around in their hypercube. Death and life hang in the balance. And it’s literally a balance. If the fulcrum moves so far that the lever hits the ground, a species will either become extinct or overpopulate the ecosystem (like an algal bloom)—either phase change being irreversible. (Er, at least anti-entropic.)
  • You think you know yourself, until you step into a new context—new country, new career, new city—and latent aspects of you become dominant.

    Who was I before? If I was her then and am this now, what is the underlying me?

    Self as a function of circumstance. Perhaps just as constant at root, but reactive; responsive; springy; primed for change.

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