Robert Reich is writing as if nobody in the US actually gets a vocational-technical education. Is he that wonky? What about all the young people who, um, get vocational training?

What about JobCorps?

Job Corps is a no-cost … vocational training program … that helps … people ages 16 through 24 improve the quality of their lives through vocational … training.

Funded by Congress, Job Corps has been training young adults for meaningful careers since 1964.

Here are JobCorps’ performance measures (.xls files).

            	        2007 	2008 	2009 	2010 	2011 	2012
Entered Emp/Educ	73%	66%	66%	73%	73%	75%
HSD/GED or Career Tech. Training Cert.	53%	55%	61%	64%	65%	71%
Literacy or Numeracy Gains	53%	58%	64%	65%	65%	69%

Vo-tech training is not a novel idea. It is not exotic. If vo-tech and community college will solve the United States’ labour-force problems, why aren’t they already solved?

An astounding 26 percent of black males in the United States report seeing someone shot before turning 12.

Conditional on reported exposure to violence, black and white young males are equally likely to engage in violent behavior.
Aliprantis, Dionissi, 2014. “Human Capital in the Inner City,” Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, working paper no. 13-02R.

(Source: clevelandfed.org)

Standard histories saw the nineteenth-century medical treatment of madness … as an enlightened liberation of the mad from the ignorance and brutality of preceding ages.

But, according to Foucault, the new idea that the mad were merely sick (“mentally” ill) and in need of medical treatment was not at all a clear improvement on earlier conceptions (e.g., the Renaissance idea that the mad were in contact with the mysterious forces of cosmic tragedy or the 17th–18th-century view of madness as a renouncing of reason).
Gary Gutting

(Source: plato.stanford.edu)

We eat energy and poop entropy.
Stephen C Stearns


The Thoroughfare


Camille Ewald with Mike Tyson

Tyson with Robin Givens:


Today’s glossary provoked by Michael Spivak.

tensors spivak diff geom vol 1 ch 4

Below I’ve drawn two vector spaces connected by a linear homomorphism ƒ, plus a linear functional λ going to ℝ. After seeing these pictures I hope it’s easier to understand how the pullback ƒ* works.

Here’s one of the main pictures for flavour:

dual space linear functional

Also, you can probably just skim the pictures and get the point (especially the Number Field one and the final one). That’s the fastest way to read this post.

Start with an abstract 𝓥ector space.

abstract vector space

I’ll do some violence because I’ll need coordinates in a minute.

invent linear functional

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Misty Mountains
An old painting I found while doing some spring cleaning


Misty Mountains

An old painting I found while doing some spring cleaning